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TME ONLINE is the Internet companion to our bi-monthly print magazine. On this site you can scan all of our back issues—a treasure of information, advice, and direction focused on the luxury home and its grounds, offered in a readable, searchable format. Windows, flooring, restoration, pools, zoning, bathrooms, Georgian Style, Shingle Style, setbacks, steel superstructures, landscape design... if you’re looking for details on these topics (and others related to home design and maintenance), you’re likely to find them on this site, either by browsing the contents pages of our back issues or by plugging a search term into our SEARCH field.

Under BONUS WEB-ONLY ARTICLES you’ll find specially commissioned, and often highly detailed, articles on topics we have explored in our print issues—articles we believe our readers will want to learn more about. They cover new construction technologies, lighting systems, luxury hostess gifts, finding a systems integrator to coordinate your home’s electronic systems, communicating with your architect, and what makes modern art “modern.”

We invite you to sign our Guestbook. If you click the Guestbook link and sign in, we'll thank you by emailing you our “Nine Tips for Winterizing Your Grounds"—very specific guidance from John De Feo, a licensed landscape architect who is the owner of Model Properties, LLC, in Brookfield, Connecticut. RESOURCE LINKS will connect you with Web sites you may find useful—links to architects, builders, interior designers, technology consultants, and other specialists in home-building and home-management.

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