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A Letter from the Editor

When I read a shelter magazine,

I’m looking for something more than a peek inside a few gorgeous houses. What I want is details—information I can use in the maintenance or enhancement of my own home. It’s hard to find this kind of “service” in magazines these days—material that goes beyond pretty pictures, an excitement of typefaces, and a text block so short that the writer has no room to tell the magazine’s readers anything they don’t already know.

In The Modern Estate we hope to present readers in our area with real, substantive service—articles in which the writer has space to provide the crucial details. In “Architects’ Design Challenge” (page 48), which weighs the merits of demolishing vs. renovating a house, four noted architects go into construction’s mysterious specifics—grandfathering, setbacks, wetlands rules, footprints, zoning commissions, siting problems. Our Green Technology article (page 79) shows readers exactly how they can recycle the precious building materials in the house they’re tearing down. And—well aware that most homes hold some beloved piece of furniture needing repair by a master craftsman—we offer, in “The Furniture Fixer” (page 58), leads to artisans so skilled that they could probably put even Humpty Dumpty together again. Our “Entertaining Grandly” article (page 38) covers not only partygiving’s pleasurable specifics (theme, food, music) but also the architectural and technological challenges that hosts must address whenever they contemplate staging a grand event in their home. For fun, we’ve added an article with a “wow” factor—a look at the Amazing Accessory Structures (page 66) that estate owners in our area are building on their property to expand their living space.

The mission of this magazine is to offer homeowners solutions to their home-management challenges. In detail.

Linda C. Donnelly
Publisher and Editor in Chief


Linda C. Donnelly,
Publisher and Editor in Chief

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