TME Initial Launch Lands


A Letter from the Editor

We’re making some changes!

When we first started this publication one year ago, we hoped we’d have the longevity to become an established presence in the shelter-magazine category. We hoped our idea—to publish a new, more substantive and informative home-related publication—would be embraced by the Connecticut/New York community of luxury homeowners and industry professionals. One reader encouragingly wrote, “I’ve seen publications come and go. Yours has legs!” We’d like to announce the ways in which we plan to keep things fresh while maintaining our existing service-based editorial standards. In addition to boosting our print run 20%, adding 30 more pages to our total count, and casting our distribution net wider—to include the Hamptons, in New York State, and Litchfield County, in Connecticut—we’ve added these new departments to make sure that we keep those legs.

In this issue, we’re premiering “Seasonal Challenges” (advice from various experts—like landscape designers or architects—on meeting the practical problems each season brings); “Anatomy of a Room” (a top interior designer’s take on how one special room comes together); “TME Events” (information on the most compelling home-related events in our region, gleaned by our editors in partnership with Viva Pop, an online community-events calendar); “TME On Location” (a look at a spectacular modern estate in another part of the world); and “Look How Far We’ve Come” (a wry look at some now-antiquated systems or products for the home).

In our next issue we’ll add “The Fourth Estate” (in which we’ll profile the most desirable, luxurious vacation-home communities). We’re also adding an important new column, “Ask the Expert.” But you, our readers, need to know about it now so that you can send your questions to our first expert, Robert Brunetti. Rob, an authority on high-end construction, is director of construction services for Pecora Brothers, Inc., in Greenwich, Connecticut. (See his article “Bones of a Mansion,” in our Spring 2007 issue). Send any questions about home construction that you find knotty to me at the email address below. Rob will choose several of them to answer. The chosen questions and Rob’s answers, will appear in our Fall 2007 issue.

The Founder (my husband, Richard) and I want to thank you for an incredible year. We appreciate all the supportive mail and validating feedback you’ve sent us. We’d like to start printing some of these letters in our next issue, so feel free to continue writing to us. We’ll be running a Letters page in every upcoming issue to encapsulate what readers are thinking. So send us not only the construction questions you’d like Rob to answer, but also your ideas—thoughts on issues you’d like to see us address in upcoming issues of The Modern Estate.

Many thanks,

Linda C. Donnelly
Publisher and Editor in Chief

Linda C. Donnelly,
Publisher and Editor in Chief

TME Initial Launch Lands