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The Modern Estate
Gift Of A Master
By Michael Allan Torre
New Canaan is now the promised land for lovers of art and architecture: In April, Philip Johnson’s renowned private estate will open to the public. This article leads off an 18-page look at Johnson’s celebrated Glass House and the 13 other surprising structures on his estate—a regional-magazine exclusive.
Buried Treasure
By Richard Friswell
Philip Johnson’s subterranean Painting Gallery holds works by the luminaries who were instrumental in defining fine art in the second half of the last century.
Water, Water Everywhere
By Alan Edwards
Why settle for an ordinary blue box of a swimming pool when you can personalize your pool with infinity edges, fountains, waterfalls, or dramatic steps?
Splendor In The Bath
By Rose Bennett Gilbert, Photography by Phillip Ennis
Sensitive faucets, chandeliers, a big-screen TV, under-floor heating, polished-nickel fittings—today’s 900-square-foot “brainy bathroom” offers luxurious bathing facilities fit for the Emperor Augustus.
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The Modern Estate
Letter from
the Editor
Does anyone actually read magazines these days? And if not, why not? Print has a sad reputation today: It’s passé, it’s old-technology, it’s quaint, we’re relentlessly told (and told in print!). More...
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