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A Letter from the Editor

Does anyone actually read magazines these days?

And if not, why not? Print has a sad reputation today: It’s passé, it’s old-technology, it’s quaint, we’re relentlessly told (and told in print!). And, in fact, magazine “reading” is, for many people, just a casual flipping of pages in the doctor’s office or the hair salon—a glance at the pictures, the captions, and maybe the first paragraph of an article before the magazine is snapped shut. Therein lies the challenge for me as a magazine publisher: How do I get people to read my magazine?

My philosophy in approaching this still relatively new venture (this is our third issue) has been, “Capture the attention of our readers with beautiful and artful photography, then get them thinking.” Once we have our readers engaged, we try not to waste their time. Our articles focus unwaveringly on information we’re sure they will find helpful in managing their home—on matters ranging from the practical (architecture, construction, lighting, repair) to the worthy (green technology) to the cutting-edge (the latest technical systems) to the luxe (high-end kitchens, splendid bathrooms). These are subjects that we are convinced our readers will find compelling.

In this issue we feature one of the most significant architects of the 20th century. Philip Johnson was the quintessential envelope-pusher, and his residence, the Glass House—newly accessible to the public—was one of his most dramatically offbeat designs. Our article aims to shed light on his work, which evokes a wide range of emotions from architects and homeowners, who both embrace and question his groundbreaking ideas.

Among the other things you’ll learn about as you read this issue are: how luxury-home construction today is starting to employ industrial technologies; the multitude of choices available to homeowners who want to add a pool to their property; how the surroundings of your home can be brought into harmony with its style and scale; the trend in the market to incorporate beautiful reclaimed lumber into new buildings; and where to find the workshop of two of the rescuing angels whom we are highlighting in our continuing series on art and antiques restoration.

We’re grateful to all the readers who have written to tell us things like, “I see a lot of magazines, and I READ yours.” That is the highest accolade I could hope to see bestowed on The Modern Estate. Read on!

Linda C. Donnelly
Publisher and Editor in Chief


Linda C. Donnelly
Publisher and Editor in Chief

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