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Making a Room for Wine

By Scott Gibson

A wine cellar—a refrigerated cocoon kept at a constant temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit and a relative humidity of about 60 percent—has become a key element of a complete house. It not only protects a valuable asset but provides a refuge for relaxation and, when the homeowner has decreed a creative blend of wood and stone, lighting and music, a delightful space in which to entertain guests.


In creating a state-of-the-art cellar, everything counts—from lighting and environmental controls to flooring and even the wood used to make the storage racks. Construction costs can hit $800 a square foot—and that’s before you’ve stashed your first case of Petrus Bordeaux. Therefore, here’s Rule No. 1 for the home owner: Engage an expert to prepare the space correctly.

Above left: This cellar from Vigilant is romantically lit and boast every modern convenience.

Above right: Authentic wine casks and a beautiful mural of Tuscany enhance the white-oak carpentry by Paul Stockmann, of Stockmann Carpentry & Design, of New Fairfield Connecticut.

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