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Your Climate, Your Way

By Kevin P. Carpenter

Steam humidification—it’s your best option for balancing your air between dry and dripping.

A crackle in your throat. That snap of static electricity when you turn on the light. Dry lips. Flaky skin. Shrinking floorboards. Fissures in the wooden furniture, cracks in the paneling. When these are the symptoms—and especially when you have valuable artworks or computer systems to protect—both you and your house clearly require the services of a good humidifying system.

Frick Collection's Fragonard Room
The environment of precious objects must be kept at an unvarying level of relative humidity, to prevent deterioration. Like many art museums, the Frick Collection, in New York City, keeps the level steady at 50 percent.

You could dampen the air the old-fashioned way. Our firm, C & C Service, LLC, of Stamford (, has worked with a client who bought a home built in 1898, intending to do a historical restoration. The project included extensive decorative-plaster work and the installation of marble and parquet wooden floors to replicate the original design. The main challenge was heating the residence with old-style radiators while maintaining the proper humidity levels for the construction elements and—what’s most important—for the artifacts that would furnish the home.

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