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Putting a Spin on Neutrals

By Stephanie Insolia

Subtle, sun-gathering neutral walls enhance the beauty of your precious objects.

The austere elegance, the almost militaristic streamlining effect, achieved through the use of a neutral color scheme makes a lasting impression. The shell of your home should be as natural and as integral a part of the whole as trees are a part of the forest. This approach to décor requires an essential discipline: valuing the expression of unwavering simplicity over ostentation. Even more handsome and brilliant is the application of extreme minimalism to the shell.

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The most important element of design in one’s home is the continuous thread that stretches from room to room. Neutral walls provide a light, airy backdrop against which you can introduce a multitude of color palettes. Neutrals provide a subtle framework for the colors brought into the space through furnishings and art. (The neutral approach is a practical one: Furniture and art are easier to change than wall coverings.) Part of the allure of applying neutral colors is the fact that they allow different levels of light to showcase the room’s various architectural elements: Neutrals reflect the changes in light within a room all day long.

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