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A Letter from the Editor

State-of-the-art, cutting-edge, revolutionary —
all these phrases bring to mind the term modern.
So what is a "modern estate"?

In our view, it’s a luxurious home that’s as aesthetically impressive as it is innovative and smooth functioning. The Modern Estate, which caters exclusively to the high-end home market in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and Westchester County, New York, will explore the architectural styles, from classic and historically significant to contemporary and modern, of the notable homes in our area. We intend to offer our discriminating readers detailed counsel—the specifics—on how to make their home and grounds visually striking, as well as efficient and manageable.

Owning a stately home today entails a multitude of confusing choices, from selecting the right architect and builder to understanding the home automation and management services now available. Our readers must choose landscape designers, mechanical and security systems, design elements, and technology—and choosing unwisely can prove expensive, even disastrous, for their dream home. Estate owners need substantive editorial on that subject so very dear to their heart—their home. Our aim, in launching this magazine, is to combine elegant photography with advice on architectural, decorating, landscaping, and technological advancements that can help readers transform their home into a sanctuary worthy of a connoisseur.

To provide the comprehensive advice we’re sure estate owners need, we’ve partnered with many professionals esteemed in their field. Among those selected for our premiere issue are two accomplished architects, Allan Greenberg and Roger Bartels; a renowned builder, Scott Hobbs; a prolific author of garden books, Ken Druse; and a respected husband-and-wife team specializing in high-end lighting design, Marcia Zia and Paul Priven. We’re certain that these editorial alliances will yield not only expertise our readers can trust but also a perspective from which they can gain valuable insights when building, renovating, or maintaining their homes.

This region of New England is graced with the most stunning and historically significant architecture on the East Coast. And the leaders we have earmarked as contributors have devoted their life’s work to respecting and improving upon the landscape we call our own. Our mission is to make this magazine the first-read for homeowners whose taste and style demand savvy guidance in the building and managing of their modern estate. We hope you enjoy our first issue!

Linda C. Donnelly,
Publisher and Editor in Chief


Linda C. Donnelly,
Publisher and Editor in Chief

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