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 With every breath you take

There is a priceless gift you can give to yourself, and to your             family. The gift of health.



The Luxury Hostess Gift

From custom ice cream (featuring flavors you may find amazing) to silver-dipped seashells, these gifts deserve the term unique







Lighting 202

Centralized, hybrid, wireless here are your options for installing a sophisticated lighting system.



New Construction Technology

A civil engineer lays out the benefits, complexities, and costs of building a home using commercial-grade construction technologies steel framing, structural concrete floor slabs, metal wall studs...


A Failure to Communicate

Architects are well qualified to make judgments about the way something “should look.” But don’t let your designer condescend to you or dismiss your opinions (as some architects do)


How to Find a Systems Integrator

Here’s where to find a certified systems integrator an expert who is qualified to design, install, and interconnect all of the electronic systems in your home