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National is good, but regional is better—when it comes to shelter magazines. Because our writers are local, The Modern Estate can guide its readers—homeowners in selected counties in Connecticut and New York State—to local sources and services that will be highly useful in the building and managing of their luxury residence(s).
This magazine’s readers have the benefit of guidance from professionals: Our writers are experts in the fields of architecture, construction, project management, heating/ventilation/air conditioning, home technology, green technology, landscape design, and interior design. And—the regional-magazine advantage—these professionals offer their services in the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut/Massachusetts area.
TME’s mission is to guide our readers to accessible woodworkers, antiques restorers, artists in plaster, and other craftspeople whom our knowledgeable writers have singled out as superlative transformers of interior spaces or preservers of precious objects. We feature articles by architects, builders, construction-project managers, and landscape designers who are familiar with the issues most troubling to homeowners in the Northeast. Every issue seeks to provide not only a glimpse of impressive architecture and lovely landscaping, but to offer practical, detailed, specific information that the luxury-home owner will find nowhere else.
For one of our new features, “Ask the Expert,” we are eager for your input. In each issue, this column covers questions that bedevil our readers. Septic tanks? Geothermal heating? Rewiring to accommodate the latest electronic inventions? Blasting a rocky site to carve out a basement? Building by a river or lake? Zoning puzzles? We invite your questions. To send them, click on the ASK THE EXPERT link or email our Publisher, Richard Donnelly (rdonnelly@themodernestate.com). Please put ASK THE EXPERT in the subject line.

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